Is Portiva an EMR or EHR

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As you may already be aware, one of the trickiest and time-consuming parts of running a business is medical billing. Some of the common medical billing services include:• Coding: This involves assigning numeric codes to medical procedures and diagnoses for billing purposes.• Claims Submission: This involves submitting claims to insurance companies for payment.• Claims Follow-Up: This involves following up on claims that have been denied or delayed by insurance companies.• Payment Posting: This involves recording payments received from patients and insurance companies.• Accounts Receivable Management: This involves managing outstanding patient balances and insurance claims. These services can be provided by medical billing companies or by in-house billing departments. Medical billing businesses make sure that healthcare providers remain compliant by staying current with the most recent upgrades and changes to legislation. You understand that one of the most important components of your practice as a doctor is medical billing, therefore you may want to consider outsourcing this task. By doing this, it may be possible to prevent penalties or fines for non-compliance, which could have catastrophic financial effects for medical practices. Along with flexibility and scalability, outsourcing medical billing offers. Is Portiva an EMR or EHR